I have a real passion for creating pieces that are different! Not like the things you would see in a normal high-street jewellery shop.

What you see in those shops is mass-produced by the thousand and is a very long way from my pieces, which are individual and unique to me.

I am always creating new pieces for my clients in a wide range of prices, helping to keep things fresh and new all the time.

Every single piece I make is Hand-crafted by me. I do not cast things, or make a wax mould and produce 100’s of the same piece. I fabricate everything, blending traditional expertise with the latest jewellery making technology available.

None of my work is copied. Each piece is handmade, by me, at my jeweller’s bench. I can of course make matching wedding rings for example.

I do however have ‘themes’ when it comes to my work; for instance, I might think of a theme for a ring or set of rings, where I will make several rings along the same or similar theme.

I have over 35 years experience making and designing all sorts of one-of-a-kind Handmade jewellery, including things I call ‘Neck pieces’ which are not pendants in the commonly used sense of the word.

I have made pieces for many celebrities, including our King (when he was a Prince), TV personalities, famous people from the rock and music world, and local dignitaries such as the Mayor of Stroud.

A large part of my work is commission-based, bespoke pieces, especially designed and made for you or somebody you care for.

These days, I choose to buy all my precious metals, whether it be gold, silver or platinum, from bullion dealers who recycle their own materials. I believe this is far better for the planet now and in the future.

Please contact me at phil@philongold.co.uk to discuss a commission or to get a price for a non-listed piece.

Re-imagined Jewellery

I get lots of requests from the general public to melt down their old gold pieces that they do not wear any more.

By ‘re-imagining’ clients’ unwanted gold jewellery, I make it into something modern, a piece that can be enjoyed and worn time and time again.

Regardless of what the repurposed piece is going to be, the first few stages are always the same. I have to get the unwanted gold jewellery into a form that I can rework and this is normally done by melting the piece/s down into a special crucible and pouring the liquid gold into an ingot.

Unwanted gold to be melted down.

First I apply heat with a propane gas torch. The melting temperature of gold is anything from 850 to 1064 degrees Celsius.
After the initial heat is built up – I use an
Oxy-Propane gas torch to increase the temperature, so I can pour the liquid gold into the ingot.

After the gold has cooled down, I take the newly formed gold bar out of the former.

I then start to form it into the required shape and dimensions. This is when things can change depending on what my client requires.

In this instance my client wanted a ring that would fit into and around an existing ring which she bought from me some months before.

This is the finished piece – a 5mm/Half Carat Moissanite gemstone, set in 9ct white gold with a 9ct yellow gold band.